Don't lose precious sales from your Shopware shop!

Detect when your shop is losing money via abnormally lower sales, slower page loads, and downtime. Before it costs too much!


Order Monitoring

Make sure you're still actually selling as much as possible!

Monitor the super important stuff!

We'll pay attention to your order numbers. If you suddenly stop getting as many orders as you would normally get, we'll let you know before you start getting angry emails/calls. (Hopefully)

With our Order Anonamly Monitoring you will get notified when your order numbers go wrong. Normally get 600€ on a Thursday afternoon at 1pm. but only get 300€, we'll let you know. No longer will you have to manually check a order board.

Detect hard to discover bugs that could only affect a percentage of your users. Or things that happen off-site that affect your bottom line. Sometimes the things affecting your website sales aren't on your website, so you need to know when your sales are affected so you can investigate.

Anomaly Detection

When odd things happen, you'll know!

Find out when you're being slow

Every day a bug is created and deployed. Lots of these bugs are minor and go unnoticed. But every now and then a tiny overlooked bug on causes mayhem with the revenue stream. These bugs can cost you thousands before a single customer even complains or someone notices the drop in revenue. We'll monitor your site for anomalies with your orders and your site performance, detect hidden minor problems before they become all-day meeting bugs.

Sometimes it's not even a technical problem that is causing a slump in sales. Make an SEO change, change the targetting of your ads and suddenly stop reaching your target market. We'll spot the change in your order patterns and notify you.

No matter the cause, when something starts hitting your sales, you want to know before the boss finds out! Keep small errors small, don't let them become the reason for a company-wide email.

Page Load Monitoring

Make sure site keeps being snappy

Find out when you're being slow

We'll keep a careful eye on your page load speed to make sure you're so fast that the customer doesn't get a chance to think twice.

In today's high-speed internet, the tolerance for a slow website is constantly decreasing. If you load too slowly, the user could give up and go back to paying attention to the tv instead of shopping on their phones.

Also, speed affects your SEO and think how much it'll cost to get an SEO agency to get you back on to the 1st page after your performance drops you to the 2nd graveyard.

With our Intelligent Alerts if you're website suddenly starts loading slow then this could be a sign of something deeper happening. So we'll let you know so you can investigate before it becomes an embarrassing downtime issue.


Let us tell you why you want us in your life!


  • An extra selling point to customers. How many other agencies are going to spot anomalies in sales automatically?
  • Less angry calls from customers. They're not fun, no one enjoys them, not even the customers.
  • It's an extra thing to upsell at a profit. We'll sell it to you at a bulk discount and you upsell at way higher.
  • Get great word of mouth! Companies will love it if you spot sale slumps early and stop them losing potential sales.

Inhouse IT

  • Avoid those all-day meetings to figure out how to prevent "it" from happening again!
  • Larger performance bonuses! Catching sale slumps early means more sales which means larger revenue and larger performance bonuses!
  • Avoid having to manually check the orders. Because after the last time they set up a dashboard in the IT room and now you should check it.
  • Look smart when you spot the marketing team's ads aren't as effective. When the orders drop, you'll quickly be made aware and be able to look good when you notify people.


Here is how we'll break the bad news to you

We'll send you the messages you'll dread

They say you know who you're friends are by who is there during the bad times. Well, we'll be your friend, during the bad times we'll be there, just to make sure you know the bad times have arrived.

We currently support the following ways to break the bad news to you:

  • Email - Because who doesn't support email notifications?!
  • Slack
  • PagerDuty - Coming soon
  • OpsGenie - Coming soon


The super important legal stuff

Here's how we avoid those nasty GDPR fines

Simply how we avoid GDPR fines and stay GDPR compliant for us and you is by not collecting personal data. During the order monitoring, we don't send any information that would identify the user. We collect your operational statistics.

We receive the following data in for orders:

  • Order Number
  • Total Value
  • Date/Time the order was made at
  • The name, value, quantity of each item ordered

We collect this data to be able to detect issues such as large/small orders no longer happen, ordering multiples of items no longer happens, ordering varients no longer happens, popular items are no longer ordered.